Your Branding Is More Than Just Your Colors


All right. So you know that your brand is more than just colors, right?

How many times have you told yourself

  • I'm going to rebrand my small business or online business
  • I'm going to relaunch my business
  • I'm going to shift a few things in my business.

And guess what, it's not all about the logo design either!  So wait before you design that new logo.  When I'm looking to work with a business I don't go & look for the logo to see how cute it is.  I look for reviews & feedback about the business.  

You may not know where to start or how to build a brand. I know I've been in business for 20 years and I've done this a ton of times, but I want you to stop before you make any more changes to your business, because there may just be a few pieces of the puzzle that you're missing, that you have not even thought about.

Let's talk about the three things that may be missing from your brand that's stopping your business from growing online.

I have to admit a few years ago until I jumped on a call with a friend who owns an agency, I was clueless about building a brand. 

I jumped on that call thinking, ok I'm ready. I'm ready. I know what my brand colors are. I know that she may tell me to change this up or change that up.

But I was in for a huge surprise because we jumped into a lot more than just the colors. We drilled deep into my ideal client, their lifestyle and how I could roll it into my brand.

And from there, my eyes were open, but It didn't stop there because over the years as I began using that strategy in my business I noticed that there were still a few things missing from my brand & also my clients brands. 

Here are the three things.

  • Consistency. If you're not consistent, your online brand is basically forgotten or invisible it's just like having a grand opening for a brick and mortar business. But only opening the store again, when you have a chance or when you feel like it.  So consistency may be the first piece that you're missing. 
  • The Wrong platform. Choosing the right platform is important. A lot of times, we feel like we're all over the place because you see everybody else winning on Tik Tok. You see everybody else winning on Instagram, on clubhouse and on Facebook, everybody, but you, right? When you're on the right platform it makes the marketing piece a lot easier. 

So you feel like you have to be on every single app to make it work for you. Now, my suggestion is to start with one, just one platform.  After being all over the place for years about two years ago, I shifted to use one platform and that's my Facebook group. I've worked on growing my Facebook group with my ideal client.

When I made that shift I not only saw a shift in my consistency, but I also saw, a huge, huge, huge increase in my income.

  • Your authentic self. Yes. I said it, your authentic self. This is the 3rd piece  that may be missing. When I was working a corporate jobs, I had to be a corporate employee. Now don't get me wrong. We still need to be professional in our business, but we can be a little bit more of ourselves. It's time for you to shine through with what you're creating. If you're finding it hard to sell your products and services, It'll be a lot easier if you just relax and be yourself.

I hope this helps & gives you a little bit more clarity. 

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See you over in the group.
~ Knifie

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