Branded Products Print On Demand Course   

How will you stand out from the crowd in 2021.  How will you make those coins when others struggle to make them?  

It takes 2 things, be intentional & start now.  

I began releasing products as early as August of 2020 to get a feel for what my audience loves, to get my process in place, & my vendors so by the time Black Friday came, I could be hands off bringing in money while I'm recovering from Thanksgiving dinner and the entire pie that I ate.  Don't judge lol 

In this course I'll show you how to get those product ideas out of your head and into a design.  Super easy you definitely don't have to be a graphic designer.  I'll share with you where to buy images for as little as $1.00.  

I'll walk you through 2 Vendors that I've used to create & dropship mugs quickly.  One was set up within 2 hours & I was making sales immediately 

I'll walk you through Vendors that dropship T-Shirts if you don't have time to do it yourself

I'll walk you through how you can create quick beautiful notebooks & have your vendor ship them directly to your clients after they purchase. 

There is also a full 1 hour marketing training included so when you're all done creating your gorgeous notebook, mug or any other product you'll know exactly how to make those sales. 

Also included 

  • How to use Shopify for your Branded Products
  • How to use Etsy for your Branded Products
  • Trainings are broken into modules for you to access at anytime

Annnddddddddd 🔥 🔥 🔥

We have a brand new Facebook group for Branded Products Members only. No monthly payment, this is included with your purchase.

You'll also receive referral access. For everyone that you refer to the group you'll get 50% referral fee.

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When the market crashed in 2008 & 2009 as a Realtor in IL I increased my income while others began loosing income & quitting Real Estate. 

When COVID-19 began to happen last year I made the same shifts that I made back in 2009 in my Social Media business which has brought increase during this time also.  

In this training I'll take you from a place of wondering to implementing & growing your business next week.  

Here's what you'll learn in training #1

{6 Shifts That You Can Make This Week In Your Business For Increase During This Time}

▪️ How I made that shift quickly to continue to increase income.
▪️ How I identified my income goals during this time, stuck with them & exceeded them
▪️ How I did a quick audit of my business to see where I needed to shift quickly. Products that needed to be removed or immediately created
▪️ How I dedicate time each day to money making activities.

Here's what you'll learn in training #2 

{How To Create Your Digital Course In 7 Days Or Less}

  • Map out your course quickly
  • How to create the presentation for your digital course 
  • How I record videos quickly for my courses
  • How to create graphics & captions 
  • The best course platforms to use 
  • How to launch, share, & sell your course

Here's what you'll learn in training #3

{LiveStream & Video Masterclass}

  • How to get over the fear of going live or doing video without fainting.
  • How to use video to build your list
  • How to use video to sell your products or services
  • The tools I use for my videos
  • How to build your Facebook groups with your videos
  • How to pre-promote your videos
  • And I have a few more tips that I'll be sharing

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I've created this E-book for you, so you can crush it with your brand new group or revive your old group.

Either way you'll get ton's of tips to see increase in your group within 7 days. Here are a few of the topics covered.  

  • What to do if you're group is centered around products.  For example, physical products, clothing, or digital products & courses. 
  • What's the one thing to talk about in your group with ease that will give you the consistency that you need to see more engagement & more profit 
  • How to organically grow your group 
  • How to showcase your products/services in the group without being spammy
  • How to create a profitable group 

And this is one of the biggest questions I always get... How can I streamline my group when I have multiple streams of income.  Guess what I break that down for you also.  

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Ready to create your first E-book to build your brand.  Whether you want to create a free E-book to build your list or a paid E-book to build your profits, this mini course is for you.  

Here's what you'll learn

  • How to quickly pull together content for your E-book (Free or Paid)
  • How to easily design your E-book even if you're not the best with designs
  • How to market your E-book to get sales or build your list

You will walk away being able to create & launch your E-book quickly! Free or paid. 

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